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Internationalization step–by–step

The International Expansion process begins with the detection of a Mexican company that has the opportunity to have trade activities worldwide. Then qualifies as a "Candidate" when the project's viability has been proved.

Afterwards the Negotiation stage is when the company starts to contact other companies or entities in the target market. Closing Process stage is when the project has been installed in its target market in any form of business. Finally, the project is followed up seeking to recreate the business in other region at the same country or in other countries.

Identifying an

When ProMéxico detects or receives a Mexican Company that has the potential to expand its activities abroad.

Becoming a

When the interest of the Mexican company to expand its activities abroad is proved and has the approval of the project by the ProMéxico's Trade Representative Office Abroad.


This step is given when the contact between the Mexican company and ProMéxico's representative of the office abroad, begins negotiations with local counterparts for the company installation in the country in any form of business. For example: store, representative office, distribution center, joint venture, production plant, etc.


When the Mexican company and its subsidiary confirms to ProMéxico through a Confirmation-Letter, that it has been established in the country of its interest, the sales expectations of the project and that the services and goods of ProMéxico have contributed to the performance of international expansion.


When ProMéxico keeps searching for information that allows the Mexican company already installed abroad (subsidiary) to expand its international business project to other countries or markets.