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  • Toluca is the capital of the State of Mexico and seat of the municipality of Toluca.
  • The metropolitan zone of the Valle de Toluca has a population of around 2,170,000 inhabitants, the fifth largest population in Mexico.
  • It is mainly an industrial center, a conurbation with Metepec and one of the country's richest municipalities.
  • The Valle de Toluca has first class infrastructure. Its airport is the first choice to reach Mexico City and a sustainable high-speed rail network is soon to be built that will join Toluca with Mexico City and Santiago de Querétaro.
  • It is 66 km east of Mexico City.
  • At 2600 meters above sea level, Toluca is the highest capital city in Mexico and North America. It has a temperate subhumid climate with summer rains.
  • Its altitude favors the practice of high performance sports.

Regions served by this office:

  • Estado de México

Priority sectors for investment

technologies Information technologies
energy Renewable energy

Priority sectors for trade



  • Aerospace: A relatively small number of companies engage in the maquila of products and services for the aerospace sector; however, they have experience and some internationally renowned clients. Investment from companies seeking to increase their presence in the State of Mexico; until now suppliers in the state manufacture products for companies in other states.
  • Food (agricultural and processed): The state has an important number of quality producers and the necessary capacities to export in this sector.
  • Automotive: There are five of the nation's biggest assemblers with countless Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers; the search for new prospects through the ACT model can grow the sector in the state. The search for new potential investment in the sector and expansion projects could contribute to the growth of small suppliers with quality in their processes and finished products.
  • Medical devices: There is a list of suppliers in the sector including some international innovation award winners. There is a need for producers of devices and first aid materials since representatives outnumber domestic suppliers.
  • Electrical/electronics: A number of companies provide completion and adaptation processes in various industry applications, such as automotive and automation.
  • Household appliances: A list of companies produce household appliances; however, the majority are around the Valle de México and the north of the state.
  • Renewable energies: More investor companies seeking to establish new plants or capital investment in the development of companies in the State of Mexico; according to them, they still do not have enough experience to export.
  • Pharmaceuticals: There are companies already with international recognition and in the field of active ingredients and devices for the sector.
  • Infrastructure/Construction: A number of companies manufacture, research, and develop new products for the construction sector and are looking to venture into the international market.
  • IT: There are only a few companies in this sector, with highly competitive projects abroad.
  • Textiles: The sector has a long list of producers and participants in international markets as suppliers and exporters.

Sergio Hernández Nava

  • Address: Av. Venustiano Carranza No. 508 Oriente C.P.50130 Col. Universidad, Toluca, Estado de México
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  • Phone:(722) 318 3776, (722) 318 3224


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ProMéxico is the federal government agency responsible for coordinating strategies aimed at strengthening Mexico's participation in the international economy, supporting the process of exporting and the internationalization of firms established in the country and coordinating activities aimed at attracting foreign investment.

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