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ProMéxico pone el mundo en tus manos

The decision of an international expansion allows Mexican companies to participate in the global economy in order to increase their productivity. For ProMéxico, international expansion means that a Mexican company, or its subsidiaries, are able to produce or offer their goods and services in foreign markets in a more efficient way.

ProMéxico’s assistance for the international expansion of Mexican companies

  • Distribution and trade representation abroad,
  • Presence in showrooms or distribution centers,
  • Establishment of joint ventures, or partnerships with foreign companies,
  • Acquisitions of foreign firms
  • Participation in international tenders or bids
  • Franchise operation,
  • Wholy owned subsidiaries establishment or the construction and operation of production facilities in another country

  • Diversified markets or conservation of the existing export markets
  • Access to new technologies
  • Overcoming protectionist barriers
  • Customer after care
  • Regional blocs presence
  • Goods, components and services that should be produced in target markets
  • Risks diversification
  • Expanding economies of scale with cost reduction

More participation of Mexican companies in the global economy

  • Use of international expansion as a competitive tool
  • Exports increase
  • Generation of technology transfer to the domestic industry
  • Strategic positioning with a favorable image of the country
  • Promotion of companies networks

Strengthening the competitiveness capability

  • Incentives for innovation
  • Access to greater potential markets
  • Cost structure optimization
  • Low vulnerability to regional crises

To comply the Organic Statute of ProMéxico

  • Exports increase
  • Allows higher value-added exports
  • ProMéxico has the national and foreign infrastructure to support this processes

About ProMéxico

ProMéxico is the federal government agency responsible for coordinating strategies aimed at strengthening Mexico's participation in the international economy, supporting the process of exporting and the internationalization of firms established in the country and coordinating activities aimed at attracting foreign investment.

  • Address:
    Camino a Santa Teresa # 1679,
    Col. Jardines del Pedregal,
    Del. Álvaro Obregón
    , Zip Code: 01900,
    Mexico City, Mexico
  • Telephone switch
    +52 (55) 5447 7000
  •  Contact Center

    From Mexico City and metro area

    (55) 5447 7070

    From other states of Mexico

    01 800 EXPORTE (397 6783)

    Rest of the world

    +52 (55) 5447 7070

    Customer service hours:
    08:00 – 19:00 hrs. (UTC/GMT -06:00)