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  • The agreements come under the Transnational Partnership (ACT) model.
  • The aim of the agreements is to develop the Mexican oil and gas supply chain.
  • There are more than 1,500 companies in Mexico with British equity.


Press release XX-14


ProMéxico, the Mexican government agency that drives foreign trade by promoting the export of Mexican products, the internationalization of national companies, and the attraction of foreign investment to the country, signed two collaboration agreements, one with Royal Dutch Shell Plc, the Anglo-Dutch group based in La Hague, Holland, and the other with British Petroleum (BP), which is involved mainly in oil and natural gas.

As part of the “Mexico Energy Reform Summit,” organized for the business mission that accompanies President Enrique Peña Nieto on his state visit to the United Kingdom, the head of ProMéxico, Francisco N. González Díaz, signed the two collaboration agreements under the Transnational Partnership (ACT) model to develop Mexican oil and gas supply chains. 

The main objective of the agreements is to support the Mexican government in the development of the national supply chain, in order to obtain more competitive inputs that meet the national content requirements provided for in the energy reform.

The agreements also seek to identify opportunities for Mexican companies to integrate global value chains in the oil and gas sector; as well as possible strategic partnerships or investment options between Mexican and foreign companies.

Royal Dutch Shell Plc has been present in the distribution and marketing of petrochemicals and lubricants in the Mexican energy sector since 1954. The current activities of Shell México include the import and marketing of liquid natural gas, advisory services, the marketing of catalysts, and the supply of goods and services to Shell’s operations in the Latin American region.

Shell has one of its four strategic supplier development offices in Mexico; the other three are in China, Korea, and India.

BP (British Petroleum), meanwhile, is involved mainly in oil and natural gas. It is the eighth biggest company in the world and has operated in Mexico for over fifty years, starting with the marketing and distribution of Castrol lubricants in the sixties. Today it leads the industry in lubricants for the automotive, ILS, and marine industries.

In recent years BP has shown great interest in helping Mexican industries to join global value chains in the energy sector. Evidence of this are the many studies and analyses they have conducted of the sector’s capacity and production needs, as well as the future demand for human capital.

The aim of the business mission that accompanies President Enrique Peña Nieto on his state visit to the United Kingdom “is to present the competitive advantages to the British to deepen the relationship between the two countries, while leveraging the context of Mexican openness in the energy sector,” said Francisco N. González Díaz, head of ProMéxico.




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